During several speeches recently, First Daughter Ivanka Trump has spoken about making things easier for working mothers. From the time of his inauguration, President Trump has talked about some kind of mandated, paid maternity leave. Further, he has talked about paying for such leave through the state unemployment systems (and to off-set the cost by weeding out fraud in the systems).

For those that follow national politics, you may be thinking that this is a very un-Republican stance. Well, you are correct. Trump was the only Republican candidate to support paid family leave during the most recent Presidential Election.

President Obama called for paid family leave in his 2015 State of the Union Address. All of the Democratic candidates in 2016 were in favor of paid family leave.

So why hasn’t this happened yet? One word: Congress.

Several states have some form of paid family leave and many more have proposals to mandate it pending before their state legislatures. But for paid family leave to become a national mandate will require legislation and, to date, there is not majority support in the House or the Senate for this. With several states already mandating it and a President that seems inclined to support this leave, it could just be a matter of time before paid family leave becomes a reality on a nationwide scale.