The Council of the European Union has adopted a new regulation to amend its 2007 Roaming Regulation, which restricts the prices that operators can charge for mobile telephone usage when a user travels outside their home Member State. Under the revised Roaming Regulation, from 1 July 2009 the maximum price for voice roaming calls will be €0.43 per minute for outgoing calls and €0.19 for incoming calls, while a price cap of €0.11 will apply to the sending of an SMS message while abroad. The revised Regulation also makes provision for the first time for price limits on date roaming charges, with a limit of €1 per megabyte downloaded to apply from 1 July 2009, decreasing to €0.9 and €0.5 in 2010 and 2011 respectively. The revised Regulation is due to remain in force by 30 June 2012, with a Commission review of its operation expected by mid-2011.