On its web page covering the Payment Services Directive the FSA has confirmed that from 1 May 2009, firms can submit applications to:  

  • Register as a small payment institution.
  • Become an authorised payment institution.
  • Register agents.  

Complete applications must be received by 1 August 2009 so that the FSA can process them in time.  

The FSA has also created a web page for those firms that want to apply to become a payment institution. The page sets out:

  • The relevant application form.
  • The criteria for registering as a small payment institution or becoming an authorised payment institution.
  • The process for becoming an agent of another firm.
  • Details of the transitional provisions.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the application process.  

View FSA web page - Payment Services Directive, 1 May 2009  

View Applying to be a payment institution, 1 May 2009