Hive Empire Pty Ltd, trading as (Finder) has paid $10,800 in penalties for alleged false or misleading claims in relation to the number of health insurance policies it compares on its website.

Finder's online platform allows consumers to compare services in a number of industries, including insurance, telecommunications, technology and utilities.

The ACCC issued an infringement notice alleging that between February and May 2017, Finder represented that customers could "compare roughly 65,00 policies" on its online health insurance comparison service. However the actual number of policies compared may have been substantially less. The ACCC alleged that such conduct gave customers the impression that they were comparing a larger number of policies than they actually were, and that this could divert customers away from similar comparison services.

Finder has since removed the representation from its website and paid the penalty issued by the ACCC.

The ACCC media release is available here.