Several companies have formed a new group to promote a balanced discussion of alcoholic beverage consumption and address implemen- tation of U.K. labeling recommendations. The Alcohol Information Partnership (AIP) reportedly plans to draw attention to research showing that most adults consume alcohol responsibly and that binge drinking is in decline. In addition, the companies behind the new initiative report- edly plan to meet with the U.K. Department of Health before adopting its voluntary guidelines, which, in part, ask labels to declare that there is “no safe level” of alcoholic beverage consumption.

“Alcohol misuse is an incredibly serious issue,” said AIP Director-General Dave Roberts. “As a society, we should continue to have rigorous debate about how best we continue to tackle and reduce alcohol misuse. But the debate has become increasingly imbalanced and characterized by poor representation of the evidence… The Alcohol Information Partnership is here to bring balance back to the debate and remind the public that having a drink at home or in the pub can still be a part of a balanced life- style, as long as it is drunk in moderation.” See The Wall Street Journal and The Spirits Business, September 7, 2016.