The Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) has released its Annual Report for 2015. The report sets out, among other things, the number of complaints that the CNIL received and the number of formal notices and sanctions given by the CNIL.

In 2015 the CNIL received 7,908 complaints (a 36% increase from 2014), the majority of which related to the internet (36%), marketing (26%) and human resources (16%). It has issued 93 formal notices (compared to 62 in 2014), the majority of which related to cookies. The increase in formal notices since 2014 is likely to be the result of the new right for the CNIL to carry out online checks.

Finally, the CNIL has imposed 10 sanctions: three fines (€ 15,000, € 50,000 and a non-public sanction) and seven warnings and conducted 501 investigations out of which 87 were regarding CCTV and 155 were online.

Annual Report (in French)(PDF)