On April 4, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling issued a new subpoena to the CFPB, giving the Bureau a May 2 deadline to comply with its request for documents, which related to auto lending, payday lenders, and investigations into a company that allegedly charged higher interest rates to minorities on auto loans, as well as a national bank allegedly involved in the improper sales practice of creating deposit and credit card accounts without consumer consent. The subpoena also repeats some requests made by the Committee in previous subpoenas as a response to the Bureau’s failure to perform its legal obligations to produce the requested documents. As outlined in Schedule A’s second item of the April 4 subpoena, the Committee requests “all records relating to any instance whatsoever, from January 4, 2012 – present, in which any CFPB employee directed another federal government employee not to transmit to any Member, Committee, or Subcommittee of Congress records requested or subpoenaed by any Member, Committee, or Subcommittee of Congress.”

As previously covered in InfoBytes, over the past 17 months, GOP members of the Committee, who believe that the CFPB likely has and continues to violate the Administrative Procedure Act, have issued three investigative reports based on internal CFPB documents obtained by the Committee.