The European Commission has decided under EC Treaty State aid rules to refer Poland to the European Court of Justice for failure to comply with a Commission decision of 23 October 2007. The decision ordered Poland to recover illegal and incompatible State aid from Technologie Buczek and two of its subsidiaries, Huta Buczek and Buczek Automotive. On 23 October 2007, the Commission found that the Polish tube producer Technologie Buczek had received illegal and incompatible aid in the form of a public debt waiver and had misused restructuring aid it received in 2003. Two subsidiaries of Technologie Buczek, Huta Buczek Sp. z o.o. and Buczek Automotive Sp. z o.o., benefited from this illegal aid through significant capital and asset injections from Technologie Buczek before its bankruptcy. The Commission ordered Poland to recover the unlawful aid not only from TB, but also from its subsidiaries. Poland should have taken all the necessary measures to implement the decision within four months from the adoption of the decision but over a year after the deadline, Poland has not fully recovered the illegal and incompatible aid.