Effective as of July 1, 2017, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) will adjust some of its administrative undertaking charges to be in accordance with the February announcement of National Development and Reform Commission issued an (Fa Gai Jia Ge (2017) No. 270).

With respect to patent issuance, the cost will consist of two parts: issue fee CNY200 for invention patent and CNY150 for utility model/design patent, and a newly added patent announcement and printing fee CNY50. As a result, the total cost for issuing a patent remains the same as the current standard.

Also newly added is a fee for certifying copies of patent documents, i.e. CNY30 for obtaining each copy of priority documents or patent register, etc.

With respect to integral circuit layout design protection fees, the fee for requesting reexamination of layout design registration is adjusted from CNY300 to CNY2000, and other fees remain unchanged.

http://www.sipo.gov.cn/tz/gz/201702/t20170222_13084 65.html