On November 6, 2014, Beijing Intellectual Property Court came into operation as the first IP Court in China. All Beijing Intermediate Courts would not accept any IP civil or administrative cases hereafter.

According to the Supreme Court’s Regulation on Case Jurisdiction of IP Courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Beijing IP Court has the cross‐territorial jurisdiction on hearing first instance of technically complex IP civil or administrative cases, such as cases regarding patent, technical secrets, computer software, etc; the cross‐territorial jurisdiction on hearing administrative cases on appeals against administrative actions of State Council Departments or local governments above the county level regarding copyright, trademark, unfair competition, etc; and the jurisdiction on hearing civil cases involving well‐known trademarks cognition.

Besides, Beijing IP Court has the exclusive jurisdiction on first instance of cases of granting and affirming, which include: IP granting and affirming administrative cases regarding refusal of the ruling or decision of granting or affirming issued by the State Council Departments, administrative cases on IP compulsory license, and other administrative cases caused by other administrative actions concerning IP granting or affirming. Beijing IP Court also hears the appeals against civil or administrative ruling or decision of first instance of cases regarding copyright, trademark, technology contract, unfair competition, etc, that issued by Beijing grass roots courts.