The Scottish Government has published a Scottish Procurement Policy Note 1/17 (SPPN) on the Implementation of Building Information Modelling within Construction Projects, setting out how BIM should be adopted within public sector procurement from 6 April 2017. It is a further indication of the Scottish Government’s support for BIM adoption and contains wide encouragement for public sector clients to use BIM on projects.

From 6 April 2017, the Scottish Government and relevant bodies within the scope of the Scottish Finance Manual, including the Crown Office, Scottish Government Executive Agencies, non-ministerial departments, bodies sponsored by the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body and bodies sponsored/supported by the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body, must assess projects above £2,000,000 for Building Information Modelling (BIM) using the BIM Grading Tool. The BIM Grading Tool allows for a project specific assessment of when BIM should be used and the level to which it should be applied for each project, allowing for a proportionate approach to BIM adoption. The public body must comply with the results of the BIM Grading Tool and adopt the BIM guidance in procurement procedures for public works contracts.

It is also asked that the Scottish Government and relevant bodies within the scope of the Scottish Finance Manual assess projects under £2,000,000 for BIM and adopt the BIM guidance where appropriate.

Other bodies that can award public contracts and other organisations providing delivery mechanisms for the construction of public buildings and infrastructure are encouraged to do the same.

BIM uses digital technology to enhance the sharing and analysis of data during the construction and operational phase of projects with the intention of improving efficiency and decision making in projects and supporting wider productivity within the construction industry. The Review of Scottish Public Sector Procurement in Construction published in October 2013 recommended that BIM be adopted on public sector projects where appropriate from April 2017.

The BIM Guidance Portal ( has been created to support public bodies with the implementation of BIM and to facilitate a consistent national approach. It includes three key parts:

  • When to adopt BIM using the BIM Grading Tool;
  • Why to adopt BIM using the BIM Return on Investment Tool; and
  • How to adopt BIM through new guidance and the BIM Navigator.

The Scottish Procurement Policy Notices are published here on an ad hoc basis to provide advice on current policy issues.