October 2010  

The Equality Act is due to come into force. It aims to harmonise and simplify the law on discrimination, and will replace the 116(!) pieces of legislation which currently cover discrimination in the UK.  

3 April 2011  

New fathers will be able to take unpaid paternity leave of up to 6 months from April 2011. This is likely to be combined with proposals to allow mothers to transfer some of their leave to fathers for babies born on or after 3 April 2011.  

6 April 2011  

The right for employees to request time off for study or training will be extended to apply to all employers. The tax benefits applicable to employer-supported childcare voucher schemes will be reduced for employees joining after this date. Existing members of such schemes will be unaffected.  

1 October 2011

New rights for agency workers will come into force. This will include providing the right to equal basic working and employment conditions with comparable permanent employees.