In June 2016, the FCA launched the first phase of its new website, with the exception of the News and Publications sections which are due to be moved to the new website at the end of August 2016.

The FCA has now confirmed that this work is in its final phase and will be completed by the end of August, as envisaged. Some of the improvements expected are as follows: 

  • Improved showcase of the FCA’s latest announcements and documents.
  • An improved filter and search tool making it easier to find the information required.
  • A timeline for each new publication, as they are published, showing which stage the FCA’s work is at.

As well as transitioning the remaining FCA webpages onto the new website, the FCA has also updated its Project Innovate webpage. The webpage now includes a video providing an overview of the Innovation Hub and background information on Project Innovate.

Whilst the FCA continues to welcome feedback on its new website, it has confirmed that as of September 2016 the whole website will once again sit at