A proposal has been loaded to the Environmental Bill of Rights registry to amend the Brownfields Record of Site Condition Regulation under the Environmental Protection Act. The comment period will run for 120 days. Submissions on the proposed amendments may be made between October 6, 2008 and February 3, 2009.

The proposed amendments contain a package of interconnected elements including:

  1. New rules for the completion of Phase One and Phase Two environmental site assessments for brownfield redevelopment, including a regulated timeline to support the submission and filing process for RSCs (proposed 30-day Notice Period for all RSC submissions)
  2. Liability Protection and Off-Site Migration from the RSC Property
  3. A Streamlined Risk Assessment Approach
  4. New Soil and Ground Water Site Condition Standards
  5. Technical Regulatory Amendments
  6. Transition Provisions

For more information please see EBR Registry Number: 010-4642