The U.S. State Department issued its Visa Bulletin for October 2010, which summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during October.

Employment-based preference visas

Immigrant numbers are current and available for all nationalities in the following employment-based preference categories: first preference, fourth preference, Certain Religious Workers, fifth preference, Targeted Employment Areas/Regional Centers, and 5th Pilot Programs.

In addition, immigrant numbers remain current and available for second preference (members of the professions holding advanced degrees or persons of exceptional ability) visas for all nationalities, except Chinese and Indian nationals. The current priority dates for Chinese nationals and Indian nationals in the second-preference category are 22 May 2006 and 8 May 2006, respectively.

Visa numbers are available in the third-preference category as follows:

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Diversity Immigrant Visas

  • Africa: 9,000 (except Egypt: 5,500; Ethiopia: 7,450; Nigeria: 7,450)
  • Asia: 9,000
  • Europe: 9,600
  • North America (Bahamas): 1
  • Oceania: 350
  • South American and the Caribbean: 450

In addition, the Bulletin provided advance notification of the DV Immigrant category rank cut-offs which will apply in November. For November, visas will only be available for applicants with DV regional lottery rank numbers below the specific allocation cut-off number:

  • Africa: 12,000 (except Egypt: 9,300; Ethiopia: 11,000; Nigeria: 10,000)
  • Asia: 10,750
  • Europe: 12,500
  • North America (Bahamas): 2
  • Oceania: 650
  • South American and the Caribbean: 675