On the 28 June the Central Bank of Ireland published an information release on a range of money and banking statistics. This provides detailed information about loans and other credit, including deposits and other funding. The figures show that loans to Irish households declined by 4.5% in the year ending May 2013, following a decrease of 4.3% in April. Lending for house purchase was down 2.1% over the year, while lending for consumption and other purposes was 11.5% lower for the same period. Irish resident private-sector deposits rose at an annual rate of 7.6% in May 2013, following a 7.7% increase in the year ending April 2013. Deposits from households decreased by 0.3% in the year ending May 2013, while deposits from insurance corporations and pension funds (ICPF) and OFI's combined were by 25.1% higher. Deposits from NFC's rose by 5.3% over the same period.