The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has extended the comment period on exemption requests by ICE Clear U.S., Inc. (ICE Clear) and ICE Futures, U.S. (ICE Futures) through February 6. ICE Clear sought exemptions (i) under section 4(c) of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) to permit ICE Clear to clear OTC coffee, sugar and cocoa swaps, and (ii) under section 4d of the CEA, to commingle collateral deposited by customers for such swaps with funds segregated on behalf of futures customers.

ICE Futures separately requested that the CFTC, acting under its Section 4(c) exemptive authority, classify registered floor brokers and floor traders entering into these swaps for their own accounts as “eligible contract participants.” The Chicago Mercantile Exchange had asked the CFTC to extend the comment period 45 days.