The financial support is aimed to independent European media production companies with the objective to encourage the broadcast of new works (fiction, documentaries and animation movies) through the participation of at least three broadcasters from different Member States, participating or cooperating with the Media Programme.

The support provided will speed up the editing/assembly of the productions, will enhance the rights of independent producers on their works, and will encourage their future distribution. The eligible projects will be:

  • Fiction (individual works or series with a minimum duration of 50 minutes);
  • Creative documentary (individual works or series that have a minimum duration of 25 minutes per episode);
  • Animation movies (individual works or series with a minimum duration of 24 minutes).

Companies can fill and submit the application up to the first day of filming. The maximum duration of projects is 30 and 42 months (for the series and animation movie projects). The total annual budget available is € 10.800.000,00.

The financial contribution may not exceed 12.5% of the total eligible costs for fiction and animation movies. The maximum amount of financial support granted for fictions and animation movies is € 500.000,00 per project. The financial contribution for documentaries may not exceed 20% of the total eligible costs. The maximum amount of the financial support for documentaries is € 300.000,00 per project.

Source: European Commission Media Programme