VA Hybrid Tax

Virginia’s House of Delegates voted January 23 to repeal the hybrid tax, though electric vehicle owners will still have to pay the annual fee. The state imposed an annual $64 annual license tax as part of its transportation funding package last year. The state Senate has passed a similar bill.

NV ON Line Operational

The One Nevada Transmission Line became operational January 23. The high-voltage power line will carry renewable energy from eleven projects, transmitting up to 800 MW of electricity. The Department of Energy provided a $343 million loan guarantee in February 2011 for the project.

CA Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Upheld

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected petitions January 22 from farming, ethanol, and petroleum groups seeking an en banc rehearing of their challenges to California’s low carbon fuel standard. The majority court voted against hearing petitioners’ claims that an appellate panel erred in September when it upheld the low-carbon fuel standard.