We thought you'd be interested in several recent reports on the topic of hydraulic fracturing:

  • GAO (U.S. Government Accountability Office):  Recently issued two reports touching on the topic.  This one addresses the environmental risks associated with hydraulic fracturing (and E&P operations in general), finding (in part) that there was insufficient data to connect groundwater pollution claims to hydraulic fracturing operations.  This one looks at how E&P operations are regulated.
  • LAT:  The LA Times is reporting on a recent study conducted as part of a settlement with Culver City and several environmental and community groups.  From the article:  "A long-awaited study released Wednesday says the controversial oil extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, would not harm the environment if used at the Inglewood Oil Field in the Baldwin Hills area. *** The yearlong study included several issues raised by residents living around the field, such as the potential risks for groundwater contamination, air pollution and increased seismic activity. *** For months, water wells on the 1,200-acre field were monitored. Data from ground and air monitors were collected and analyzed, but no effects were recorded before or after the technique was used, the study says."