The Government has finally released its (long-delayed) BIM protocol. It is intended to be the missing contractual link in a project where BIM is being used and is linked to the stated aim that all public sector construction projects in the UK should be using level 2 BIM by 2016.

Produced by the Construction Industry Council, the protocol is intended to be incorporated into building contracts and consultants’ appointments by way of a “simple amendment”. It places obligations on those involved in BIM projects, especially in relation to ensuring that use of information inputted into BIM does not result in breaches of copyright.

The protocol also requires the appointment of an Information Manager by the Employer, and the CIC have provided a draft set of services for that role as well as a best practice guide dealing with the changes that might need to be made to professional indemnity insurance policies to deal with BIM. The taskforce has also produced model Employer’s Information Requirements. These are intended to form part of the Employer’s Requirements and detail how the BIM information is to be provided by the project team.

Finally, and in conjunction with the British Standards Institute, there is a Publically Available Specification (PAS 1192-2), which provides a specification for the information modelling necessary for construction projects involving BIM.