There is never a dull moment on the winding road to Brexit: the French and UK elections are behind us and the German elections are still to come. With the two-year Article 50 negotiation window ticking down, both the UK and the EU27 appear committed to push on with the negotiations despite ongoing political twists and turns, and the constant flow of shocks from events in the real world.

Despite this uncertain and shifting environment, businesses operating in Europe have to continue to deliver on shareholder, employee, and customer expectations today.

Some businesses have been engaged in detailed contingency planning for many months. Others say it’s too early to plan and it’s better to wait and see.

Whatever one’s preferred approach, it is essential to stay informed about Brexit developments and to understand the legal consequences of new trading relationships as they emerge. Understanding the big picture, whilst at the same time being able to drill down to the detail where necessary, is critical.

Allen & Overy has spent many months exploring the possible legal consequences of Brexit in significant depth. We have analysed the potential impact in different sectors and in relation to different areas of law and have drawn up strategies for mitigating Brexit-related risk and taking advantage of Brexit-related opportunities for clients around the globe.

For example, we met business leaders and interviewed a number of A&O partners to discuss their views on the longer term outlook of businesses and industries and to get their insights on leading through uncertain times. Together with ITN Productions, we created a news and current affairs style programme called ‘Leading businesses through Brexit and beyond’, which you can watch via this link.