A bill has been introduced in the New York legislature that would prohibit nondisclosure agreements in settlements relating to hydraulic fracturing where aspects of the case relate to public health or safety. S. 4630 was introduced last week in the legislature by Senator Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo), who has pitched several bills in the legislature concerning hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is defined in the bill as “the use of chemicals, water and other substances injected or pumped into a natural gas well to stimulate the extraction of natural gas.” The bill states, “When the parties to an action, which in any manner relates to hydraulic fracturing, agree to settle such action, the term of such settlement shall not include or be subject to any non-disclosure agreement when any facts disclosed in such action relate to a threat to the public health or safety.” To implement this prohibition, before approving a settlement the judge must review the case to determine whether there is evidence of a threat to public health or safety. If there is such a threat, the court cannot approve a settlement that includes a non-disclosure agreement. Last year the same bill was introduced in the state Assembly where it eventually died in the Judiciary Committee. Grisanti hopes by introducing the bill in the Senate that it has more of a chance to move forward.