China Patent Inquiry System (hereinafter abbreviated as “the System”) has launched its English Interface, which is intended to better serve the domestic and foreign applicants and facilitate the information exchange and sharing.

The System is a Chinese patent registration and file history search system created by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China to meet the inquiry demand from applicants, patent right owners, patent agencies and the general public. The System has been put in use since April 27, 2012, when the site is only available in Chinese.

On November 29, 2012, SIPO has officially launched the English interface of the System. The English interface can be accessed at .

The System has two available log-in portals:

  • E-Filing Registered User Inquiry (registered user) - User needs a registered username and password to access this version of the System. This version of the System will help the users registered for electronic applications to access all the information filed under its account.
  • Public Inquiry (general user) - This version of the System is available for public use, but the user must first agree to the terms of a declarative legal statement before entering the site.

The System provides the registered users with information on the basic items, on fees, on files including graphic documents, on publication and granting, and on certificates of patent granting.

The general users refer to the public, who can use keywords including “Application Number”, “Title of the Invention”, “Applicant(s)”, as well as “Start Date of Filing” and “End Date of Filing” to make inquiries of the published invention patent applications filed after February 10, 2010, or the published patent, utility model and industrial design patent applications. The System, which adopts precision inquiry instead of fuzzy one, requires the user to provide at least one of the three keyword info “Application Number”, “Title of the Invention”, “Applicant(s)”to start the searching process.

The data for registered users is updated every 24 hours; and the data for general users is updated every 5 working days.

However, as for patent applications filed before February 10, 2010, the System cannot display the graphic documents of the applications for the time being.

As indicated in the home page of the System, there are language switching buttons for Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portugal and Russian. SIPO is expected to launch other interfaces in these languages in the future.


China Patent Inquiry System makes it possible for the public to check the examination stage of the patent application filed with the office for the first time. The English interface will help the foreign applicants to overcome language obstacles when searching for the information they need with the office.