On August 10, 2018, President Trump signed a Presidential Proclamation Adjusting Imports of Steel Into the United States, which increases the section 232 tariffs on Turkish Steel to 50%. In the proclamation, it is stated that

In the [Commerce] Secretary’s January 2018 report, the Secretary recommended that I consider applying a higher tariff to a list of specific countries should I determine that all countries should not be subject to the same tariff. One of the countries on that list was the Republic of Turkey (Turkey). As the Secretary explained in that report, Turkey is among the major exporters of steel to the United States for domestic consumption. To further reduce imports of steel articles and increase domestic capacity utilization, I have determined that it is necessary and appropriate to impose a 50 percent ad valorem tariff on steel articles imported from Turkey, beginning on August 13, 2018. The Secretary has advised me that this adjustment will be a significant step toward ensuring the viability of the domestic steel industry.

The proclamation modifies subchapter III of chapter 99 of the HTSUS as provided for in the Annex to the proclamation to impose a 50 percent ad valorem rate of duty with respect to the designated Turkish steel articles entered for consumption, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after 12:01 a.m. eastern daylight time on August 13, 2018. The duty is in addition to any other duties, fees, exactions, and charges applicable to the designated Turkish steel articles. On or after 12:01 on August 13, Turkish steel imports will use “9903.80.02 (50% ad valorem duty rate for products of iron and steel that are the product of Turkey)” in addition to the regular tariff subheadings for affected products.