In November 2012, the network of European antitrust and competition authorities (ECN) published an amended version of its Model Leniency Programme (the Programme). In the amended Programme, the information that must be provided by companies that are applying for leniency with several European jurisdictions has been clarified and simplified. The main changes are the following:

  • In cases concerning cartel activities in more than three Member States, all leniency applicants that apply to the European Commission will now be able to submit summary applications to the relevant national competition authorities.
  • A standard form for summary applications has been agreed on which may be used in all Member States.

The ECN amendment of its Programme does not in itself affect the leniency programmes of the Member States. However, by endorsing the amended Programme, the heads of the European competition authorities have promised to do their best to align national regulations and practices with the Programme.

Click here for the amended Model Leniency Programme or read the European Commission's press release and FAQ on the amended Programme.