IOSCO published its report on Sound Practices for Investment Risk Education. Based on an analysis of the approaches adopted by the members of the IOSCO Committee 8 on Retail Investors, the sound practices for investment risk education initiatives include those detailed below.

  1. Focus on influencing retail investor attitudes and behaviour, as well as knowledge.  
  2. Develop initiatives that take an evidence-based approach in response to the needs of retail investors.  
  3. Test initiatives with the target audience.  
  4. Develop initiatives that reach people close in time to the making of investment decisions and that are promoted in a variety of ways to expand reach and interaction.  
  5. Send clear messages that are adapted for different target groups (e.g. beginner and more savvy investors) and for the different ways people access information.  
  6. Use engaging content and delivery styles.  
  7. Design activities that are current and up to date with emerging new technologies and developments in financial markets.  
  8. Where relevant, develop investor education initiatives that complement regulatory actions to enhance impact.  
  9. Develop evaluation frameworks and measures at the outset and seek to evaluate outputs and outcomes.