TOPICS: Artificial Intelligence, General Data Protection Regulation, United Kingdom

The UK Government has issued a report advising on how to address legal challenges arising from future artificial intelligence technologies. The report, entitled Growing the Artificial Intelligence Industry in the UK Report has been compiled by more than 100 experts, who have recommended to establish an AI Council that will operate as a strategic oversight group and allow an open and noncompetitive forum for coordination and collaboration between industry, the public sector and academia.

In the light of the GDPR, that provides the right to data subjects to demand an explanation regarding an algorithmic decision (see our report above regarding automated decision making), the report also recommends creating a process that would enable developers to explain why their AI is behaving in the way it is.

Additionally, the report states that data trusts should be created. These would involve appointing a consultant to advise on how data should be used for the handling of training AI systems. In view of this report, stopping complex incidents of unlawful data sharing deals, may become easier to fulfill.