LV filed a criminal charge against 2R International Co., Ltd. ("2R") upon learning that a pattern of ripple appeared on the surface of the leather bag products sold by 2R resembled LV's registered trademark "Click here to view the image" (EPI Mark).  However, the public prosecutor made a non-indictment decision by the reason that 2R had no intention to ride on LV's business reputation, among other grounds.

LV thereafter instituted a civil action against 2R.  On July 27, 2015, IP Court held that the pattern of ripple used on 2R's leather bag products was highly similar to LV's trademark "Click here to view the image" (EPI Mark) registered in Class 18 in Taiwan since 2003, and thus, could likely cause confusion to the relevant consumers as to the source of the goods.  2R's use of the pattern of ripple constitutes an infringement of LV's trademark rights under Article 68-(I)-3 of the Trademark Act, and under Article 20-(I)-1 of the Fair Trade Act, which prohibits the use of other’s trade dress.  2R was ordered to pay NT$537,200 in damages and to publicly apologize on newspapers.