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Data protection

i Requirements for registration

Article 1 of the CB Law requires that 'every merchant shall keep the commercial books required by the nature and importance of his trade in a way that shows his exact financial status and the rights and obligations pertaining to the merchant's trade.' Moreover, Articles 6 and 8 of the CB Law, when read together, provide that all merchants must keep for 10 years 'an exact copy of all correspondence and documents relating to his trade, issued or received by him', which shall be 'kept in a regular way that facilitates review of the accounting entries, and ensures, where necessary, ascertaining of profits and losses'.

Articles 3 to 6 of the CB Law suggest that a company must identify with particularity the information being processed, including, but not limited to, financial transactions, inventory and other company financially related information.

ii Background checks

Background checks and credit checks are permitted. In practice, there are no areas that are prohibited from investigation and review.