EEO Public File Report

Radio and television station employment units (SEUs) with five or more full-time employees in the states of California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois and Wisconsin are reminded that their annual EEO Public File Report must be placed in their local public inspection file(s) and also posted on their website(s) by Friday, August 1, 2008.

EEO Public File Report + FCC Form 397

Radio SEUs in Illinois and Wisconsin and television SEUs in North and South Carolina must also electronically file a Broadcast Mid-Term Report (FCC Form 397) with the FCC by August 1. The Form 397 is filed in the fourth year of a station's license term and requires the SEU to attach its two most recent EEO Public File Reports for a substantive review of its EEO performance. As per the FCC's small-broadcaster exception, however, radio SEUs with 10 or fewer full-time employees and television SEUs with four or fewer full-time employees can avoid filing their EEO Public File Reports with the FCC.