Several developments have occurred in the ongoing reinsurance dispute between Aurum Asset Managers and several Brazilian companies. In April, Aurum filed a petition in federal district court to confirm an amended arbitration award, entering judgment in Aurum’s favor, and granting Aurum equitable relief. On June 11th, the district court denied the award as against respondent Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul. The court, however, confirmed the award as against two respondents (Bradesco Companhia de Seguros and Bradesco Auto/Re Companhia de Seguros) unless and until the court received arguments from any party opposing the confirmation prior to June 22nd. On June 26th, having not heard any arguments opposed, the court confirmed the final arbitration award and entered judgment against the two Bradesco entities. Aurum Asset Managers, LLC v. Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sol, No. 08-mc-102 (USDC E.D. Pa. June 12, 2012 & June 26, 2012).