As we have previously reported, a new business court, known as the Rolls Building, is currently being built to house the business-related divisions of the High Court. A review group formed earlier this year at the request of the Lord Chief Justice has considered the adequacy of the accommodation proposed for the courts, following concerns raised by the judicial members of the project board.

It has now been agreed that extra space in the building will be acquired, to be shared by the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) and the Tribunal Service. The RCJ will provide facilities for the Chancery Division, Admiralty and Commercial Courts and the Technology and Construction Courts.There will be 31 court rooms, 3 supercourts, 11 hearing rooms, 43 judicial chambers, 54 consultation rooms, advanced IT systems and modern staff accommodation. The Tribunal Service will not use the new building for hearings but will accommodate judges, lawyers and staff of the Administration Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal. The remaining floors of the building will be leased to a commercial tenant.

The project is now proceeding to the detailed planning stages and detailed design plans will be available soon. The new court is expected to be operational in 2010.