When one thinks of traditional roles within a law firm or within other organizations, the role of diversity & inclusion manager is not usually top of mind — but it should be. In fact, Gowling WLG is one of the first law firms in Canada to hire a dedicated D&I manager.

In this episode of Diversonomics, our co-hosts sit down with Gowling WLG diversity and inclusion manager Lina Nadar to discuss affinity networks, her path to D&I management and her vision for the firm.

Episode tip

“One thing I would love to see with our affinity networks is to have a lot of intersectional collaboration. Sometimes what ends up happening is a lot of different groups will just go off and do their own thing and lot of them are experiencing some of the same issues or are encountering some of the same challenges.” — Lina Nadar, diversity and inclusion manager, Gowling WLG

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