2/2018 JANUARY 2018 SPAIN



The Spanish Government has identified the specific projects awarded 3,000 MW in 2017's first renewables auction

The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda has identified the projects that were awarded capacity in the first renewables auction held in May 2017.

The auction awarded 3,000 MW to renewable energy plants, the full capacity allocation foreseen.

A total of 165 specific projects have been identified consisting of wind (the vast majority), photovoltaic and other technologies (hydro, biogas or bioliquids and solar thermoelectric) developed by 22 developers.

The 165 projects are located across 12 of Spain's autonomous regions: Aragn (80 projects), Galicia (25), Castilla y Len (20), Castilla la Mancha (13), Andaluca (9), Navarra (5), Catalua (5), Murcia (4), Pas Vasco (1), Extremadura (1), Madrid (1) and Asturias (1).

The CNMC has approved the framework agreement to access Enags Transporte's transmission and distribution system via international gas pipeline connections with Europe

In order to participate in capacity allocation auctions for international gas pipeline connections with Europe, gas traders or direct consumers will first have to sign a framework agreement with the interconnection operator on the Spanish side. The framework agreement, which will establish the terms of the transmission service and the parties' obligations and liabilities, will be signed independently of the steps that will have to be taken with the operators on the other side of the interconnection points.

The framework agreement describes the purpose of the agreement, the date on which it enters into force, its duration, the parties' obligations and liabilities, the terms of service and terms of payment and billing.

Electricity companies appeal against Order ETU/1133/2017, of 21 November, which regulates the competitive process for allocating the interruptibility supply management service

The Order that regulates the competitive process for allocating the interruptibility supply management service includes a provision that excludes hydro facilities from the scope of application of the supply management service due to current low water resources, linked also to the uncertain precipitation in the future.

The electricity companies affected (including Acciona, Iberdrola, Endesa, Gas Natural Fenosa and Viesgo) have lodged an appeal against the Order as they consider it to be unlawful.

The Ministry of Energy considers having nuclear power plant owners bearing decommissioning costs The Ministry of Energy is considering legislative reform in order to pass the liability for decommissioning nuclear power plants from the public entity Enresa (as it currently stands) on to the plant owners. Those electricity companies would nevertheless have access to a portion of Enresa's funds currently used to cover the cost of nuclear plant closure.