Researchers with Seoul National university have published a study allegedly finding that people who drank soy milk from cans containing bisphenol A (BPA) exhibited a statistically significant increase in blood pressure. sanghyuk Bae and Yun-Chul Hong, “exposure to Bisphenol A From Drinking Canned Beverage Increases Blood Pressure,” Hypertension, December 2014. Involving 60 adults older than age 60, the study tracked blood pressure and urinary BPA levels over the course of three visits, during which participants consumed soy milk from either two glass bottles, two cans or one glass bottle and one can. Not only did urinary BPA increase by approximately 1600 percent in volunteers who consumed canned soy milk as opposed to soy milk from glass bottles, but systolic blood pressure also increased by approximately 4.5 mm Hg.

“Because these results confirm findings from other studies, doctors and patients, particularly those with high blood pressure or heart disease, should be aware of the possible risks from increased blood pressure when consuming canned foods or beverages,” one of the authors was quoted as saying. See, December 8, 2014.