Downtown Visions (DTV) has a mission: to  help in creating, managing and promoting a quality environment for people who live, work and visit downtown Wilmington, DE. Through this mission, DTV has a vision of a safe, clean, thriving downtown open after the workday is through, businesses bustling with activity, and events that invite all sectors to come together to define a strong sense of self and community. DTV is built to support economic growth, urban revitalization and the creation of new jobs. From facade improvement to grand- opening events and empowering business community connections—DTV is investing in the Wilmington downtown business community.

In 1994, Downtown Visions was granted a charter by the State of Delaware and City of Wilmington to manage the “Business Improvement District” of downtown Wilmington. This 70-block area consists of 700 commercial buildings, 355 occupied by street-level independent businesses, and 90 vacant storefronts. DTV’s long-term objective is to achieve full occupancy and a robust downtown environment for Wilmington. DTV has been actively engaged in encouraging significant private investment, working closely with developer-investors and its not-for-profit affiliates. 

Over its first 10 years in operation, Downtown Visions... 

  • Assisted in over 5,000 emergency situations (includes fire, medical, property damage and disabled  vehicles).
  • Provided over 358,642 merchant contacts and special attentions (including checks on parking lots/garages).
  • Assisted police in 2,247 apprehensions.
  • Removed 1,521,730 pounds of trash from the Business Improvement District.
  • Provided security/assistance at over 3,556 events.
  • Assisted in dispersing over 15,000 intoxication/disorderly conduct/nuisance incidents. Provided 8,256 escorts to people downtown.

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