According to Dutch reports, Sony has won the release of a shipment of 300,000 PlayStation 3 units that were seized by Dutch customs a couple of weeks ago - check out Mike's post for the background details.

The PS3's were seized as part of a patent dispute between Sony and LG over Blu-Ray technology licensing fees. On February 28, LG sought and received a preliminary injunction against Sony from a Breda District Court judge. It seems that the order was sought without notice to Sony, and the PS3's were seized without Sony's knowledge. The approximate value of the PS3's seized, for customs purposes, was a mind-boggling $59 million CAD.

On March 10, Sony's appeal of the order was successful. It appears that the decision was based on unfairness to Sony - blogger and patent lawyer Florian Mueller writes that the primary reason the court lifted the order was because "this kind of measure didn't seem fair given the history of negotiations between the parties". It appeared to be quite a dramatic court victory for Sony - the court ordered that all seized PS3's were to be released; no more PS3's were to be seized; and LG was to pay Sony's legal fees of approximately $177,000 CAD.

The dispute between Sony and LG only appears to be ramping up, however - court proceedings to determine whether Sony infringes patents held by LG reportedly commence in November 2011.