The Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) has published guidelines on common reporting of large exposures.

CEBS has developed common reporting templates and guidelines in relation to large exposures reporting and they will be included in the COREP framework so as to ensure a unified European reporting system. Thereafter, large exposures reporting will be based on the same standards (i.e. frequency, remittance dates, formats and platform) as other COREP data. The development of the templates was undertaken on the same basis as the COREP framework, i.e. to identify the items to be reported on a “need-to-know” basis.

The revised large exposures regime shall be applied from 31 December 2010. As the uniform and binding COREP would have to be applied only from 31 December 2012, there will be a two-year period during which common large exposures reporting will not be available under the binding COREP. Throughout this period, until the final uniform COREP framework is implemented, CEBS recommends that national supervisors incorporate into their national reporting system the large exposures reporting set out in these guidelines.

View CEBS publishes its guidelines on common reporting of large exposures, 11 December 2009