The House of Lords EU Home Affairs, Health and Education Sub-Com- mittee has said that the Court of Justice of the European Union’s recent “right to be forgotten” ruling is “misguided in principle and unworkable in practice”. After hearing evidence, the Chairman of the Sub-Com- mittee said that the ruling was unworkable because of the significant resources required by search engines to process removal requests and because search engines should not be required to sit in judgement on whether to remove data or not based on “vague, ambiguous and unhelpful criteria”. She said that individuals should not be able to have information about them removed simply because they do not like what is said. The UK government must continue to fight, she said, to ensure that the new Data Protection Regulation does not class search engines as data controllers or contain a right to be forgotten or right to erasure provision, which would effectively give individuals rights which were unenforceable. – Lord Select Committee, 30 July 2014