Summary and implications

Since the turn of the year, firms’ preparations for the AIFMD have taken off. The European Commission published the level 2 implementing regulation on 19 December, ESMA published its final guidelines on remuneration on 11 February and we are expecting the second FSA consultation paper imminently. But there is still some way to go and time is running out. You should already be considering whether you have alternative investment funds within your structures, who the alternative investment fund manager is (or could be) and whether you can streamline your business model to save costs.

We set out below links to our recent briefings on various aspects of the AIFMD. If you have any questions on how the AIFMD will affect you, please call us.

A one-pager with 10 questions to help you consider if you are affected by the AIFMD.

A summary of ESMA’s final guidance on the remuneration rules under the AIFMD, highlighting any changes from its previous draft.

A detailed summary of the level 2 implementing regulation, including many issues you will need to consider if you are subject to the AIFMD and an overview of the new policies and procedures that you will need to have in place.

A high-level summary of the issues investment companies should be considering.

Indicative timeline

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