The House of Lords yesterday approved the last round of amendments to the Intellectual Property Bill 2013-14, which means that it is now awaiting Royal Assent (after which the ‘Bill’ will become an ‘Act’ and pass into UK law).The Bill makes various changes to UK legislation in relation to intellectual property, many of which implement recommendations from the recent Hargreaves Review into IP in the United Kingdom.

Key provisions include:

  • Power to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement
  • Introduction of a criminal offence in relation to the copying of registered designs in the course of business
  • Changes to UK Unregistered Design Right
  • Changes to the provisions relating to the ownership of Designs
  • Ability to mark products with an internet link rather than by patent number
  • Changes to the Patents Opinion service and introduction of a Designs Opinion Service
  • Joining the Hague Agreement

Virtually all of the changes will need secondary legislation before they actually come into force, so more details of the changes are still to come.

The UKIPO website has further information about the Bill here.

Further information about the progress of the Intellectual Property Bill through parliament can be found here.