On April 20, the Ohio Office of the Attorney General (AG) announced a settlement with Akron-based InfoCision Management Corporation, a for-profit company that makes solicitations on behalf of charitable organizations.

The AG’s office alleged that the company’s solicitation practices violated several sections of the Ohio Charitable Organizations Act, including making misleading statements, failing to make required disclosures and failing to comply with state filing requirements. InfoCision denies the allegations.

Under the settlement agreement, InfoCision must comply with all Ohio state laws regulating charitable solicitations and pay $75,000 to the AG’s office. Other conditions of the settlement include:

  • ceasing all misleading behavior and any misrepresentations about the percentage of donations that a charity will receive;
  • for two years, submitting a sample script and pledge form to the AG’s office for review before starting a solicitation campaign;
  • for one year, submitting at least 15 audio recordings of solicitation calls each month to the AG’s office for review;
  • clearly and conspicuously disclosing its status as a professional solicitor, its name, and the charity's name and address during solicitations; and
  • paying stipulated penalties for any future violations of filing and disclosure requirements.

Click here to read the Ohio AG’s press release and view a copy of the settlement.