HMRC has published Pension Schemes Newsletter No 48, which provides a helpful round-up of, and links to, the regulations made under the Finance Act 2011 as well as guidance on numerous aspects of the changes made by the Act. See last month’s Pensions Update for a summary of these. HMRC expects to incorporate the guidance into the RPSM “about late September”.

Among the links are two new forms:

  • APSS 227: Application by an individual for protection of lifetime allowance (fixed protection) – this cannot be completed online, and HMRC must receive the completed paper form on or before 5 April 2012; and
  • APSS 315: Reporting flexible drawdown payments – to be used by scheme administrators in the current tax year; from 2012/13 it will have to be done online via the Event Report.

Separately HMRC has published 208 pages of draft guidance on Disguised Remuneration, to be included in the Employment Income Manual.