Yesterday we received multiple unsolicited emails from the “Customer Service Department” at Legal Force Trademarkia (“Trademarkia”) with the subject line:  [Your] trademark is Cancelled with the USPTO, do you wish to Re-Apply?  The emails went on to inform that a trademark filed on behalf of one of our purported clients had been canceled, and offered assistance in refiling the application for a discounted flat fee: 

You are receiving this email because you are listed as a legal correspondent for the [MARK NAME] filed with the United States Trademark Office. . . . The [MARK NAME] became officially Canceled with the United States Trademark Office on [DATE].  If you are conducting business in the United States using this mark (or wish to in the future), you may wish to reapply for trademark filing as soon as possible for $159 per class + government fee ($275 government fee per class in US). Click the following link if you wish to re-apply now. . . .

We received this correspondence although we were not the firm representing the owner of the mark. When we responded to this email, we received an error message stating that the “The mailbox is full.”

Trademarkia’s mass email blasts do not clearly communicate that it is associated with a law firm or adequately explain trademark particulars that could potentially make trademark prosecution more complicated, expensive and untimely.

The emails are not official notices from the PTO so if you receive this email or written communications like this soliciting funds for maintaining your trademark you should contact your intellectual property attorney.  You can also unsubscribe to the emails by following-up with the “Customer Service Department” or clicking on the link provided in the emails.