The Akron Beacon Journal published a staff editorial defending Ohio's renewable portfolio standard ("RPS") against the repeal efforts of Ohio Senator Kris Jordan (R-Powell). The editorial notes the broad bipartisan support of the RPS, which require's the state's utilities to procure 25 percent of their power from renewable and advanced energy sources by 2025, when it was enacted in 2008. It continues:

The sound thinking is that governments can play a useful role in encouraging the development of a market. Industry analysts stressed the value of establishing such standards to attract investment, energy companies, large and small, benefiting from the commitment and the stability.

Now comes state Sen. Kris Jordan with proposed legislation to eliminate the standards. The Powell Republican argues that in a struggling economy, Ohio shouldn’t be flirting with higher energy prices. He sees “this mandate” placing “a greater burden on the people of this great state.” He wants to “leave free market decisions to the free market.”

Put aside that the relative low energy prices of today suggest this is a good time for power companies to enter long-term contracts for alternative energy sources. The country has little choice but to develop a more diverse energy portfolio, from burning coal cleanly to tapping the sun and the wind. The imperative is both economic and environmental, an opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovation and job creation and to perform as enlightened stewards of the planet.

The editorial concludes that now is not "the time to invite uncertainty about the state’s commitment" to an active and growing sector of Ohio's economy.