Tetragenetics Inc. has received an $826-million Phase 2 grant as well as new partnerships with two drug companies, according to a news source. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based early-stage biotech will reportedly use the new grant, which comes from a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed initiative, to build on a Phase 1 grant that aims to develop an improved malaria vaccine that can be taken orally.

Company Chair Doug Kahn told a news source that its “technology is based on a process of producing proteins using Tetrahymena, an animal-like cell that can be grown in pure culture. There are now about a half-dozen ways to create such large-molecule drug candidates, one of the most common of which relies on using Chinese hamster ovary, or CHO, cells.” See Boston Business Journal.com; Tetragenetics Inc. News Release, April 3, 2013.