With all the recent talk of economic recovery it has never been more important to protect your business. There are many ways to review and reduce these risks.


Consider the following scenario. You arrive at work on Monday morning to discover that one of your suppliers has secured the appointment of a liquidator from the court. Or, equally distressing, a sheriff officer appears at your door with another form of court order in his hand - an interdict - stopping you from carrying out a key part of your business activities.

By lodging a form of legal early warning system known as a ‘caveat’, you are entitled to receive advance notice should anyone apply for an interim interdict or interim winding up order against your business, or an order for sequestration against you in the Scottish Courts.

This corporate early warning system should operate as a fundamental part of every company’s risk management strategy. For more information please contact Julie Hamilton.

Debt Recovery

We know how important it is to your business to ensure debts are recovered promptly and efficiently. We have extensive experience in the provision of low-cost, fixed price Debt Recovery services, particularly in dealing with undefended claims. We administer high volume debt recovery for numerous clients utilising sophisticated and streamlined reporting procedures. The debt recovery team delivers the highest possible level of service at economic rates.

For more information on our debt recovery pricing please contact Leon Breakey.

Holiday pay issues

Recent European decisions on holiday pay could be the big Employment Law issue for 2014. Employers could have liability for any shortfalls in holiday pay, going back several years, perhaps affecting the whole workforce.