In an attempt to help speed up the Conveyancing process, the Land Registry has announced it will launch a new digital service. On 11th July 2018, the Land Registry’s new Local Land Charges Service will go live. The service will enable people to order Local Searches directly from the Land Registry website rather than the Local Authority which will get an instant online result, rather than having to wait several weeks for the Local Authority to respond to the enquiries. The first Local Authority working with the Land Registry is Warwick District Council and from 11th July 2018 Local Land Charges Searches can be made directly via the Land Registry. The Land Registry is also working with up to 25 other Local Authorities across England to be able to access the information they hold to prepare the results and it is hoped soon Local Land Charges Search be available from the Land Registry for these areas too.

In offering instant results to the Local Land Charges Searches, the Land Registry hopes this will enable Property transactions to be dealt with quicker by reducing the delays in having to wait for search results to be returned from the Local Authority. Also, the Land Registry have announced they will be able to provide the searches for £15.00. This fee is much less than the fee which may Local Authorities are charging. The results are also expected to be accurate, clear and precise.

Hopefully, the Land Registry’s new service will indeed assist in making the process of buying a house faster. We await to see what the effects of the same when the services is available for areas in the South East.