The FSA has published issue 108 of its Handbook Development newsletter.  

In this newsletter the FSA provides:

  • Information about recent FSA Handbook-related and other developments. The FSA reports that there have been no developments this month.
  • Information about recently issued FSA Handbook-related and other publications. Here the FSA covers a number of publications including Policy Statement 09/2: Rights issue subscription periods - Feedback on CP09/4 and final rules and Discussion Paper 09/1: Short selling.
  • An updated timetable for forthcoming FSA publications. In Q2 2009 the FSA plans to publish a Policy Statement to Consultation Paper 08/25: The approved persons regime – significant influence function review. It also plans to publish in May 2009 a Feedback Statement to Discussion Paper 09/: Short selling.
  • FSA consumer publications.
  • A link to the FSA’s events web page.

View Handbook Development Newsletter (issue 108), (PDF 139KB), 27 February 2009